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3 Artists from Drexel You Need to Check Out

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Featured Image courtesy of Mike Pays Heat

Drexel University is constantly attracting new artists and musicians to enroll in their Music Industry program for many reasons. Primarily, they are able to boast the fact that the program has a student-run label, marketing group, and publishing group, under the name of MAD Dragon Music. Students have the opportunity to work for any of these groups, during or outside of class time, as well as the possibility of being signed as an artist under any of the affiliates. Because of this, as well as a highly accredited faculty, Drexel’s MIP major draws musicians and artists from a wide scope of genres, ranging from EDM to classical. Here are three emerging artists from Drexel that you don’t want to sleep on:


1. Mr. Sampson

Mr. Sampson is an EDM duo comprised of live producer Joe Haederle and drummer Aaron Harel. The group recently released Tempest EP on Jan. 21, premiering the work on Funkadelphia. The duo has performed with national touring acts including Big Sean and GRiZ, and has also previously played the Camp Bisco and Great North festivals. Mr. Sampson draws influence from Pretty Lights and Gramatik, and mainly focuses their sound towards the genre of glitch-hop.


2. Mike Pays Heat

Ian Hunter, Daniel Siper, Wil Schade, and Rish Singh come together to form Mike Pays Heat, an indie/alternative punk band. On Jan. 15, MPH released their debut LP Tape 1 Play, with a premiere on New Noise Magazine. The group has gone on multiple two-to-three week tours and frequents the Philadelphia house show scene. The band has a unique sound that combines folk, alternative punk, and emo-punk, with influences such as The Front Bottoms and Modern Baseball. MPH is currently signed under Drexel student Josh Lieb’s label Dead Medium Records.


3. Darla

The only way to justly describe Darla is a basement funk group that will have you humming riffs until you fall asleep and then keep playing as a soundtrack in dreamland. The octet features guitarists Alex Marino, Brendan Monahan, and Jake Held, bassist Mike Morrongiello, Richie Straub on drums, alto saxophonist Jake Fabian, tenor saxophonist Wil Schade, and Kosta Johnson on keyboards. The band also has its own production company Darla Hood Productions. The group opened for George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at the Ardmore last Spring, and followed it up this past January by opening for The Disco Biscuits at the Fillmore. To quote Jake Fabian: “We’re way too weird to handle alone, but as a group it’s bearable – maybe even attractive.” Their latest release was back in July and was titled Let Darla Be Darla.

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    Love the article. Great to hear about some groovy new music.

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