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11 Tips For Surviving Your First Music Festival

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Festival season is in full swing and we’re just as ready as the next guy to get down and dirty at some concerts. Bring your friends and all the luck you have, because you’ll need them both. Seeing your favorite bands live is something you’ll never forget, so here are 11 tips and tricks that will ensure you get the optimal music festival experience.

1. Weather

Check. The. Radar. The last thing you need it to show up in shorts and a tank top, only to have it rain all day. You want to know what the day has in store for you, so make sure you’re prepared for the forecast.

2. Travel Light

Don’t be a pack mule guys, you know what you need. More importantly, you know what you don’t need. For example, it doesn’t hurt to bring a small bottle of sunblock, but you probably don’t need to haul around a family sized tub of SPF 50. Choose wisely when packing.

3. Be ready to push.

If you thought these people were your friends, you were wrong. Okay, that may have been a bit harsh, but you don’t just get to waltz to the front row. You have to really want it! Be aggressive, because everyone else will be too.

4. The fanny pack

Whether you call it a tragic crime against fashion or a bold statement, it doesn’t matter. They’re convenient and practical in these situations, and they’re totally coming back into style (probably.) Why carry around a backpack all day when you can fit your essentials into one accessible pouch? The fanny pack is the way to go.  

5. Pace Yourself. 

Picture this. You’ve just arrived at the concert with your friends. One friend, let’s call him Brad, is slamming beers around like they owe him money. Brad has chosen not to pace himself, and Brad will inevitably be passed out in the van before the headliner comes on. Don’t be Brad folks.

6.Take Full Advantage of the Cooler.

Those coolers can hold more than just beverages. Throw food in there too so as to ensure top physical condition. One option is cold pizza, which keeps surprisingly well on ice. Trust me, after a long day of dancing, you won’t care what food it is anyway.

7. Dressing nicely? Think twice.

Your desire to look nice is admirable, but these things tend to get a little, well, wild. In fact, that’s the best possible outcome. Instead of dressing up, wear something you wouldn’t normally wear. The tried-and-true option is jorts (jean shorts guys, come on), but the possibilities are endless.

8. Establish a Rendezvous Point

Phones have a nasty habit of dying, especially at inconvenient times like when you’re surrounded on all sides by the flurry of hectic motion that is a concert. Make sure you and your friends have a place where you can meet up after.

9. Beater Shoes

Your shoes are going to look rough afterward. Make sure you’re wearing kicks that can stand up to mud. If you don’t have boots, Converse’s are the way to go.

10. Seriously, Drink Water

Regardless of what you plan on doing at these concerts, staying hydrated is a key part about keeping things fun. You can’t go all day without drinking water. I’m well aware I sound like your mother, but she’s a smart lady and you should listen to her.

11. Have Fun

This one might seem self explanatory, but I’ll walk you through it. Soak up every bit of the sun and cling tightly to every melody. Festivals are special and should be treated as such, so make sure you enjoy yourself!

That’s the list folks, if you follow these rules, you’ll be in for an action packed day. Click here to see what music festivals are around you and don’t forget to check out our blog on Trebel.

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