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11 Things Only Music Photographers Know to be True

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Featured image courtesy of Elisa Money

Have you ever noticed the people who sneak into the tiny space between the stage and the crowd right before the set begins? Well that’s us, the music photographers. The ones who take the pictures that are used for all the websites and social media. While the job is fantastic and has some amazing perks, it also has its downsides. Here are just a few of the problems music photographers face:


1. Deciding whether you want to be unique or practical with where you stick your press pass.


2. Loving and hating hearing people exclaim “how do I get THAT job” when you walk into the pit.


3. Stepping on each other in the pit.57011e92180f7283611917


4. Squeezing into weird spaces for that perfect shot.57011bc61dbab757856455


5. Dodging the performers’ limbs.


6. Dodging the crowds’ limbs.


7. The weird silent communication between photographers in the pit.


8. Moving around the venue to get crowd shots.57011d9de4825147232238


9. Getting home and waiting for all your photos to import. Eternity


10. When you realize just how many photos you have to sift through and know you’re the only one to blame. 570123dbe12f2377340783


11. Constantly thinking about when the next show is.

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