10 Times Travis Barker Destroyed the Drums on a Song

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Without question, Travis Barker is one of the most hard-hitting and well-known drummers of the 21st century. Through the work in his bands (most notably Blink-182) and his remixes/features on artists from other genres, he has cemented his reputation as a man who shows no mercy on the skins. Here are ten times Travis Barker absolutely destroyed the drums on a song.

1) “Anthem Part 2” (Blink-182)

There are numerous examples of Barker tearing things up with his Blink brethren, but the syncopation and aggression displayed on “Anthem Part 2” showcases that he’s more than just somebody who beats the drums like Animal from The Muppet Show. 


2) “Always” (Blink-182) 

Travis is not afraid of the 16th note, as you can clearly tell by listening to “Always.” From the anticipatory snare fills that ramp things up out of the song’s verses to the steady hi-hat pattern that drives the chorus, it’s no wonder that the band found greater success after Barker joined the band.


3) “Adam’s Song” (Blink-182) 

Just because it’s not fast and loud doesn’t make it any less impressive. Though “Adam’s Song” is essentially a ballad (and remarkably less energetic than typical Blink tunes), Barker’s focused and fill-heavy drumbeat truly drives the song and adds to its urgent mood.


4) “I Miss You” (Blink-182) 


Of course, any drummer – even one in a pop-punk outfit – needs to know how to get a little funky from time to time. Though one wouldn’t immediately peg “I Miss You” as being a funk song based on its mood and overall feel, the persistent shuffle-like breakbeat that Travis plays throughout the song comprises an integral part of the tune’s identity.


5) “The End With You” (Box Car Racer) 

Drum solos are typically either jaw-dropping, or the moment when most people opt to use the bathroom during a live show. Barker’s quick-paced solo towards the end of “The End With You” definitely falls into the former category, showcasing his restraint and sheer technical ability as a drummer.


6) “Feeling This” (Blink-182) 


“Feeling This” definitely earns a spot on the best Travis Barker performances simply for its wide range of diverse sounds. From the reverb-heavy rock bridge to the hook that incorporates drum machine and cowbell components to its propulsive, driving rhythm throughout, this Blink single shows that the man behind the kit is not afraid to switch things up and experiment with different sounds.


7) “All Due Respect” (Run the Jewels) 

Run the Jewels already have a high-octane performance style and energy to their songs, so the addition of Travis Barker on drums just takes things to a whole new level of amped-up insanity. With a relentless attack and hard-hitting fills to segue in and out of the song’s chorus/bridge, this is hopefully not the last time that the rap duo calls on him to lace a track.


8) Xzibit “Napalm” 

At this point, it’s hard to disassociate the punk drummer from the slew of hip hop collaborations that he has taken on, from studio features to live remixes of songs. For the rock-heavy “Napalm” from west coast rapper Xzibit, Travis brings it all over to his world, offering a heavy and full-sounding aesthetic that compliments the song’s abrasive attitude and title.


9) “Can A Drummer Get Some (Remix)” Travis Barker featuring Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, and The Game 

With so many A-list rappers on the mic and in the forefront, it’s an incredible feat for someone like the drummer to not get lost in the background. Then again, when you name a song after the drummer (and it’s on your project, and you are one of the world’s most famous drummers), perhaps it’s not too crazy of a task after all. Travis demonstrates how his laser-like focus and ability is just as suited for hip hop as it is for punk rock.


10) “Heart’s All Gone” (Blink-182) 


But lest anyone lose the plot of this story, Travis Barker is first and foremost a punk rock drummer. His ferocity and unending energy are what have earned him a spot at the top of most drummer lists, and there are so many examples that showcase that style that this list could easily be 100 entries deep. Still, Blink-182’s “Heart’s All Gone” is a frenetic nonstop blast of expert drumming that easily typifies Barker’s skills.

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