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10 Musicians To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

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There’s a lot to be thankful for this season. The new A Tribe Called Quest album, the new Sad13 album, Brand New’s return to touring, the unseasonably warm weather, the Cubs win, the Last Blockbuster Twitter handle. There’s also a lot of things we’d like to forget about 2016. The Chipotle norovirus scare, that “just kind of ok” Britney Spears song, the Cubs win. Instead of focusing on the negatives, let’s bask in all the goodness that music has brought us. Where and who would we be without music or the people that make it? Here are ten artists we’d be lost without that have earned a place in our thoughts when we gather for turkey this year:

1) Sleater-Kinney

For writing awesome music. For coming back to us. Also for bringing Carrie Brownstein to our attention and then Portlandia.

2. Bloc Party

I’m still not over how good both A Weekend In The City and Silent Alarm are. Good enough in fact to make up for Hymns whatever that was.

3. Miike Snow

The group deserves a spot on this list just for the “Genghis Khan” video alone. As an added bonus, they also worked with artists like Madonna and Britney Spears, helping to create some of your favorite songs in the past.

4. Taylor Swift

She’s like the reality TV star of pop music. What is she doing? Who is she dating? Where will the drama break out next?

5. Kaleo

The greatest thing out of Iceland since Sigur Rós and more recently Of Monsters and Men.

6. The National

From their sorrowful Dad Rock songs to their contributions to Bob’s Burger’s soundtrack, these guys have proven themselves a national treasure time and time again.

7. Beyonce

Queen Bey is a champion. She’s a badass, a feminist, a mother, and an amazing singer. Plus, anyone who’s willing to show us that her hotel room is as trashed as yours deserves our admiration.

8. Bob Dylan

He won the Nobel. What other singer-songwriter can say they did that? Then ignored the Nobel’s calls for like ever.

9. Dave Grohl

Nothing stops this guy. Not even broken bones. He could play a harmonica fashioned from a comb and Kleenex and still sell records.

10. Leonard Cohen

A remarkable musician whose contributions are innumerable. His was the real Death of a Ladies Man.

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